l'ebruary 2017Advertising Featurechild go and bayAsthma, COPD, Bronchitis and HayFever sufferers can getaDon't suffer Hay feverand Allergies this yearAs we approach Spring, thoserelief with Salt Therapywho suffer from hay fever.wbich bringsfortable symptoms includingf stinging eyes, ablocked or runny nose andNo masks or tubessneezing, may findSalint Plus Air Purifier thesolution for them Pharmacistswho have been offeringLocal Pharmacies are now of.Selim am Annie coatineed. When Plus for a few yearsbreathing relaird insars. home Platschool have found this natural fering Salins Plus, a non-in.vasive alternative natural sallyearsthr erher with a noughtherapy great for people whotherapy treatment for respira-and has achool.and head cold, Salin8suffer front allergiies like haytory problem. Pharmacistsbreathing and playing Plasmarkier wasfever Rhinitis.who have been offering thisand mended that Salins Plsalt therapy for over four yearsto say ir really should be used as a preventa-now have been amaard at theample in the health andnie and foot anareup of hay fever andwellbeing of patients whosuf.For best results changekeep allergies at hay.fer from chronic respiratory in-morning. Witiina fewhe Salin Plus Filtersues after they used it.cough gone. was amated The team in Houghton Phar-regularlyThe tean at Seaton pharmago 68 Ekalbeth Way Seatonnme he coach,Salt Therapymprove the health ofthey understand that Salt her.aid that the highlyjust plug in the small machinebuild ap and siept rightapy is a drug free treatmentwhereas before Ar relieve symp.mendis salt therapy for COPD and leave it on while yousuffers of Asthma,Bronchitis & COPDtoms of nespiratory probleThe SalinkPlus air purifier iscoughing and diumesked./risSuitable for all ageFor best pharmacistsa small device, aboutthenorchemissaes haveA great complement tothat you shouldchange the filer of the groups drug freeof a bottle, that i plugged inand hemedicationeach night and kft onwhileeither I reallyPlus Air Purifier every 4-6The pharmacists quoted in thisAapording to phar-is suitable for everybody inthis natural all ther.The Norchem Pharmacymacists, months or it will not work asarticle advise that you shouldcluding young children andGroup is nowoffering Salinsintended, that is to clear thenever go off your medicationany device can improve thepregnant mothers as icontainsmanically. He had mind soPlus in their phamacies.without speaking to your dou-airwaves and release Phleghealth of sufferersof debilitat-many Were prodaers overresulting in the patient beingtherapy should be seding issues including Asthma. Homocks. Superintendentin conjunction with esistingSinusitis. Rhinitis (hay fevery. Phamacist. Norchem Healheasily andfally machineRelieves chronic Asthmahaving a great night's leep.Bronchitis, Cyst Fibrosiscare said "liwasan deci.which has finally hePrdDavid Coyne, father of astandalone therapy. Howeveroir PharmacyKeep a noteof the date youAllergies Chronic obstructiveand imthey consider the Salin chargesay Air purificr a great comple-any parent who has ament to medicationmonth since weSaoring and Sleep Apnoea.chased Salim Plas forapy is a drag freeCanHelp Chestnimilar sitaation with theirRyker who had chronicHelps you breathe moreSinne binh he waseasilyBy gently dispersing micro-nors Despite bes downsalar therapy for patients withParticles salt rich in trace el.ements into the atmosphere.salt therapy helps to open thenusiris allergies. We areairways, clear excess mucuswe mind Horlingdelighted able ederand noduce inflammation, lisThorn a friend eplained thelike having a salt cave in yourof sal therapy andown home. Inhaled what youhow Salin Plas thnr.sleep, the Salim& Plus SalHwy worked gaveit tryTherapy effectively aids betterand within hoursour patients how his nat.breathing and easessympoomsHoughton Pharmacy.aral aberapy can helpassociated with respiratoryeaneras wasfirst wekipr the Salina he was baby and snowsLocal Stockists of Saline PlusRelieves SinusitisCOPI sufferer climbsnorchemAnnie lold how Salintstairs for first lime in ahas helped her son who suffer.nese only Even forgercr from bad che infections,Serving the heelehcare MendsScottish pharmacist toldour month period. She wasrecommended Salin R Pluschased the Saint Plas Salttherapy changed the of one and said her life has changedworkine as I hadMike Pharmacy,of his patients who has been snee starting to use i Nheheard reports about itffering from COPD for does not haverely on medica-HoughtonPharmacyyears, she was increasingly lion as her symptoms have in-becoming less able to walk proved dramatically andand not able to climb the stains highly recommends this natuAad chrir and headHoughton Springral therapy for relief from si-because of her breathing con.nusiis problems.dition. On recommendationshe tried Saling Plus. AfterShotton Pharmacy,Works while you sleeponly one week of using thisarem to rid it withoutLanchester Parmacy.natural sal therapy she toldno masks or tubesthe Pharmacil that she man- Thisahermative treabrent usesproduct ofaged to climbthe stains for thedry sodiamchloride tohelpVirginia Medical Supplies Telfirttime in year and was lieve respiratory problensover the moon. She there are no masks or tubesFor more information vee www.salinsalttherapycom

Date: 11 February 2017

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l'ebruary 2017 Advertising Feature child go and bay Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis and Hay Fever sufferers can get a Don't suffer Hay fever and Allergies this year As we approach Spring, those relief with Salt Therapy who suffer from hay fever. wbich brings fortable symptoms including f stinging eyes, a blocked or runny nose and No masks or tubes sneezing, may find Salint Plus Air Purifier the solution for them Pharmacists who have been offering Local Pharmacies are now of. Selim am Annie coatineed. When Plus for a few years breathing relaird insars. home Platschool have found this natural fering Salins Plus, a non-in. vasive alternative natural sall years thr erher with a nough therapy great for people who therapy treatment for respira- and has achool. and head cold, Salin8 suffer front allergi ies like hay tory problem. Pharmacists breathing and playing Plasmarkier was fever Rhinitis. who have been offering this and mended that Salins Pl salt therapy for over four years to say ir really should be used as a preventa- now have been amaard at the ample in the health and nie and foot anareup of hay fever and wellbeing of patients whosuf. For best results change keep allergies at hay. fer from chronic respiratory in- morning. Witiina few he Salin Plus Filter sues after they used it. cough gone. was amated The team in Houghton Phar- regularly The tean at Seaton pharmago 68 Ekalbeth Way Seaton nme he coach, Salt Therapy mprove the health of they understand that Salt her. aid that the highly just plug in the small machine build ap and siept right apy is a drug free treatment whereas before Ar relieve symp. mendis salt therapy for COPD and leave it on while you suffers of Asthma, Bronchitis & COPD toms of nespiratory proble The SalinkPlus air purifier is coughing and diumesked./ris Suitable for all age For best pharmacists a small device, aboutthe norchem issaes have A great com plement to that you should change the filer of the groups drug free of a bottle, that i plugged in and he medication each night and kft on while either I really Plus Air Purifier every 4-6 The pharmacists quoted in this Aapording to phar- is suitable for everybody in this natural all ther. The Norchem Pharmacy macists, months or it will not work as article advise that you should cluding young children and Group is now offering Salins intended, that is to clear the never go off your medication any device can improve the pregnant mothers as icontains manically. He had mind so Plus in their phamacies. without speaking to your dou- airwaves and release Phleg health of sufferersof debilitat- many Were prodaers over resulting in the patient being therapy should be sed ing issues including Asthma. Homocks. Superintendent in conjunction with esisting Sinusitis. Rhinitis (hay fevery. Phamacist. Norchem Healh easily and fally machine Relieves chronic Asthma having a great night's leep. Bronchitis, Cyst Fibrosis care said "liwasan deci. which has finally hePrd David Coyne, father of a standalone therapy. However oir Pharmacy Keep a note of the date you Allergies Chronic obstructive and im they consider the Salin charge say Air purificr a great comple- any parent who has a ment to medication month since we Saoring and Sleep Apnoea. chased Salim Plas for apy is a drag free Can Help Chest nimilar sitaation with their Ryker who had chronic Helps you breathe more Sinne binh he was easily By gently dispersing micro- nors Despite bes downs alar therapy for patients with Particles salt rich in trace el. ements into the atmosphere. salt therapy helps to open the nusiris allergies. We are airways, clear excess mucus we mind Horling delighted able eder and noduce inflammation, lis Thorn a friend eplained the like having a salt cave in your of sal therapy and own home. Inhaled what you how Salin Plas thnr. sleep, the Salim& Plus Sal Hwy worked gave it try Therapy effectively aids better and within hours our patients how his nat. breathing and easessympooms Houghton Pharmacy. aral aberapy can help associated with respiratory eaneras was first we kipr the Salina he was baby and snows Local Stockists of Saline Plus Relieves Sinusitis COPI sufferer climbs norchem Annie lold how Salint stairs for first lime in a has helped her son who suffer. nese only Even forger cr from bad che infections, Serving the heelehcare Mends Scottish pharmacist told our month period. She was recommended Salin R Plus chased the Saint Plas Salt therapy changed the of one and said her life has changed workine as I had Mike Pharmacy, of his patients who has been snee starting to use i Nhe heard reports about it ffering from COPD for does not haverely on medica- Houghton Pharmacy years, she was increasin gly lion as her symptoms have in- becoming less able to walk proved dramatically and and not able to climb the stains highly recommends this natu Aad chrir and head Houghton Spring ral therapy for relief from si- because of her breathing con. nusiis problems. dition. On recommendation she tried Saling Plus. After Shotton Pharmacy, Works while you sleep only one week of using this arem to rid it without Lanchester Parmacy. natural sal therapy she told no masks or tubes the Pharmacil that she man- Thisahermative treabrent uses product of aged to climbthe stains for the dry sodiamchloride tohelp Virginia Medical Supplies Tel firttime in year and was lieve respiratory problens over the moon. She there are no masks or tubes For more information vee www.salinsalttherapycom